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Family & Kids Cookery Course in the Dordogne, France by The Little Den

Another great blog on our Cooking course, this time on our family courses. Completed by Gillian Denovan, great blogger on all things French...   If you’re visiting the Dordogne and looking for something unique to do with your family – THIS IS IT! Ian’s family & kids cookery course is fantastic – it’s fun, [...]

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Lascaux IV, tickets and facts

LASCAUX IVInformation regarding Lascaux 4, tickets, opening times, and lots more....Lascaux IV is the stunning new replica of the infamous Lascaux Cave. It replaces Lascaux II which is now closed to the general public.Nestled at the foot of the hill below the original Lascaux and Lascaux II, Lascaux IV was opened in December 2016 by [...]

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Stress Free Stay at Le Chevrefeuille, Dordogne

Le Chèvrefeuille prides itself on giving more to our visitors, we care about our business and the experience that our guests have once they arrive. We offer a plentiful breakfast with homemade produce and fresh bakery bread which is just a bit more extensive then others,  we speak fluent english and  if required we love to pass [...]

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Hot Air Ballooning in the Dordogne

What a magnificent experience! Having lived in the Dordogne since 2004, I’m pretty well acquainted with the stunning sights of the region. But, nothing prepared me for the wonders of a high-above-the-tops-of-the-Dordogne’s-tallest-trees balloon flight. Ian had hinted at a hot air balloon ride from the very first day [...]

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When: 10am - 1pm Wednesday and Thursday mornings (subject to a minimum four participants)Where: Le Chevrefeuille Cookery School, Pechboutier, St Cyprien, FrancePrice: €50 per person Due to overwhelming demand, Le Chevrefeuille chef Ian will offer his much-loved Cookery Courses for families, groups with children or just children in 2016! Kicking off at the all-age appropriate time of [...]

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Buying tickets for Font de Gaume in 2016

The latest updated information on buying tickets for Font de Gaume in 2016- Buying Tickets for Font de Gaume in 2016 has yet again changed...Le Chèvrefeuille is a scenic 5-minute drive from the Vezere Valley’s number one tourist attraction, Font de Gaume. This prehistoric cave is one of the few Palaeolithic [...]

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Dordogne markets

Timetable of the Markets in Perigord Noir, Dordogne Valley.Monday - Les Eyzies (Summer only)Tuesday - Le Bugue (Guided market visit available in English, see below)Wednesday - Sarlat/St CyprienThursday - DommeFriday - Le Buisson de Cadouin  Saturday - Sarlat/BelvesSunday - St Cyprien Navigating a local French farmer’s market can be a daunting experience, especially in an area as [...]

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Font de Gaume Tickets in 2015

For the latest updated 2016 info on getting tickets for Font de Gaume please go to : Buying Tickets for Font de Gaume 2016Font de Gaume Tickets in 2015The awe inspiring prehistoric cave of Font de Gaume is becoming increasingly difficult to visit during the spring and summer months.Font de Gaume in an attempt to slow the [...]

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Le Chevrefeuille has been added to the Rick Steves guidebook for France 2014

When there is good news for Le Chevrefeuille, we want to share it with you. Since 2004 Le Chevrefeuille has been working tirelessly to create a special place that makes visting the Dordogne a special experience for tourists.Today is an important day because we are being recognized for our efforts in a global way.We are [...]

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