Information regarding Lascaux 4, tickets, opening times, and lots more….
Lascaux IV is the stunning new replica of the infamous Lascaux Cave. It replaces Lascaux II which is now closed to the general public.
Nestled at the foot of the hill below the original Lascaux and Lascaux II, Lascaux IV was opened in December 2016 by President Hollande. 
Lascaux IV is an exact replica of the original Lascaux site and has been designed to evoke the sense of the prehistoric rock shelters for which the Dordogne is famous. Lascaux IV covers 9,000 square metres and includes an array of high-tech, educational exhibitions.  

Why visit Lascaux IV (The International Centre for Cave Art)

Visitors to Lascaux IV receive an authentic Lascaux Cave experience. Great care has been taken to emulate the original cave, right down to temperature changes throughout, damp cave scents, air pressure changes and interior cave sounds.

The walls of Lascaux IV match exactly the colours, textures, warp, weave, height and breadth of the original site and each polychrome painting has been reproduced to millimetre accuracy. One cave enthusiast commented: “Even as a caver, it was remarkably easy to suspend disbelief and simply immerse myself in the experience of taking in both the paintings and the cave as a whole.”

How long is the tour and is it with a guide?

Visitors are advised to allow two and a half hours to complete the visit.
The first part of the tour is with a guide and lasts about 1 hour.
The rest of the site is visited at your own pace with the guide of a digital tablet.  

What will I see?

Visitors to Lascaux IV will see a precise reproduction of the original Lascaux, which has been closed to the public since 1963.
Upon entering, visitors are first met by the polychrome painting called “The Unicorn”. It is oddly named given it has two horns, not one. This is the only figure in the cave that is not part of our animal kingdom, and has sparked much speculation and controversy amongst experts that perhaps unicorns did once exist.
The visit then progresses into the Hall of the Bulls where the phenomenal enormous size of the bulls, some over 2 metres long, make it easy to miss the smaller, elaborately painted figures.

The tour progresses through a series of caves, each filled with stunning paintings of cows, horses plus a range of other figures and symbols in black, brown, red and yellow, giving Lascaux its rare status as a polychrome cave.

Why did they build Lascaux IV?

Lascaux IV is the second replica that has been built in order to protect the original Lascaux site.
In 1963, original Lascaux was closed when it was realised the breath of visitors was destroying the prehistoric polychrome paintings.
Twenty years later, in 1983, Lascaux II opened 200 metres on top of the hill where the original cave is located. After several years more concerns were raised that the high number of visitors to Lascaux II was also causing damage to the original cave.
After much investment and research, Lascaux IV was conceived and was finally opened by President Hollande in December 2016.

What are the opening hours of Lascaux IV?

Lascaux IV is open every day from 9am-7pm.

How do I buy tickets to Lascaux IV?

You can buy tickets online at:   and then click on the “My Tickets” on the top bar.

If there are no tickets left online for the day you wish to visit, the official website for Lascaux IV states “each day a number of tickets will be available for purchase at the ticket office of Lascaux IV on day of visit

Further information: 05 53 50 99 10, (this number is open to inquiries daily 9am – 6pm) or email:

You can only book online in advance. Same day visiting tickets are not available online.
Bookings by phone are not accepted.

How much do tickets cost?

As at 2022/23

Individual rates
13 years and over:
€22 (on-site purchase)
€21 (online purchase)

5 to 12 years old :
€14.50 (on-site purchase)
€13.50 (online purchase)

– 5 years:

Privilege card:

Reduced individual rates*
13 years and over: €21
5 to 12 years: €13.50
– de 5 years: free

Reduced rates for people with disabilities (on presentation of proof, purchase on site)
13 years and over: €15
5 to 12 years: €10
– 5 years: free


Where is Lascaux IV (the International Centre for Cave Art) located?

The International Centre for Cave Art is located at the exit of the village of Lascaux at the bottom of the hill from the original cave of Lascaux.

Is Lascaux IV suitable for people who require disability access or people with disabilities?

Yes, Lascaux IV has disability access.

Is it cold in the cave?

Parts of the cave are cool (13°C) and some of the tour is outside so we recommend taking a warm sweater, just in case!

What amenities are provided?

Bag deposit
Disabled access
Free parking
Baby changing

Is there anything else to do nearby?

Nearby village Montignac is worth visiting and there are farmer’s markets on Wednesday and Saturday.
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