The Dordogne is without doubt the most beautiful  and most interesting part of France. The Dordogne has far too many attractive towns and villages to mention here, so we have chosen just a small handful of them, all within 30 minutes drive from Le Chevrefeuille to wet your appetite.

Les Eyzies de Tayac (7 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)


Les Eyzies de Tayac is the capital of the  Vezere valley, famous for its pre-historical remains. It is one of the main centers in the world for research in this field. Numerous interesting objects and ancient works of art have been discovered in this town and the surrounding areas. Many of these can be admired in the prehistoric museum, or by visiting local caves and prehistoric sites.

Les Eyzies is situated at the bottom of the Vezere Valley with Montignac sitting at the top where the famous Lascaux caves are located. From Les Eyzies, the following prehistoric sites are very worth a visit:


Sarlat (17 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

The capital of the Perigord Noir (Dordogne valley) carries legimately the nickname “the Medieval Jewel”. There is a wonderful ensemble of narrow streets with restored Gothic and Renaissance buildings. A variety of street artists turn every walk through this city into an unforgettable experience. In Sarlat you can also visit: ‘la Maison de La Boëtie’ (15th century) and the cathedral built in the 16th-17th century (built on the remains of an old Latin church) . The Saturday market is the biggest and most visited in the area and gorgeous boutique shops and eateries makes this town a busy hub of the Dordogne Valley.

Beynac (14 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

 This delightful village on the bank of the Dordogne is built against a steep cliff and dominated by the famous castle from the 13th-14th century. The castle offers one of the most amazing views of the Dordogne valley. Several houses were built during the 15th to 17th centuries. 

A visit to the castle perched on the top of Beynac offers a spectacular view of the Dordogne river where canoeing or a river trip on a Gabarre (specially built vessel for shallow waters) is a must. The chateau offers a real insight into life during the 14th century featured in many modern day films due to its raw authenticity.


La Roque de Gageac (25 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

One of the “most beautiful villages” labelled in France, la roque gageac is the pearl in the crown sitting snugly along the meandering Dordogne river.
La Roque offers pictoresque 13th century architure , a wonderful place to take the Gabarre on the river, excellent restaurants, and the beautiful setting, make this a great destination for all types of visitors.

Chateau de Castelnaud la chapelle (19 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

Chateau de Castelnaud stands defiant, facing off towards Beynac castle as a symbol of the duration of the 100 years war. This impressive medieval fortress is now a museum which recounts the war, weaponary and lives of the soldiers during this period of history. Demonstrations of sword fighting by medieval knights and the trebuchet weaponary makes this a popular visit.

Gardens of Marqueyssac (17 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

The most visited gardens in the Aquitaine, these magnificent gardens were developed alongside its pretty sand coloured castle built on the eve of the French revolution. Nestled high on a plateau overlooking the Dordogne river, set in 22 hectares of parkland, the dominant feature is its remarkable array of boxwood topiaries.

Offering rock climbing on the cliff edge and candlelight open evening every Thursday during high season, this is a great visit for all ages. 

Domme (24 kms from Le Chevrefeuille)

 This settlement was founded in the 13th century on top of a lime plateau. Domme carries the nickname “Acropolis of the Perigord”. There is an amazing panoramic view on the Dordogne-valley and the river. Don’t miss the opportunity for a romantic walk along the steep cliff and on top of the town rampart. The public garden, the city hall built in the 17th century, several remarkable edifices from the 13th to the 17th centuries, the fascinating caves and the museum of ‘Art and Traditions’ make Domme one of the ‘must see’s’ of the Dordogne.