When there is good news for Le Chevrefeuille, we want to share it with you.

Rick-SteveSince 2004 Le Chevrefeuille has been working tirelessly to create a special place that makes visting the Dordogne a special experience for tourists.
Today is an important day because we are being recognized for our efforts in a global way.
We are overjoyed to have been included in one of the most successful travel guide books in the world !
Since the 1970’s, U.S. travel guru Rick Steves has been sharing his secret tips with travelers and showing them how to see “Europe Through the Back Door”.
His Series of European Travel Books emphasize a simplified, and more culturally sensitive mode of travel. He encourages his readers to meet locals, explore less known neighborhoods, and avoid tourist traps. Encouraging travelers to stay in small “quirky” places instead of a hotel is a very important theme in the books.
For thirty years, Rick Steves has been the favorite travel writer for millions of people and if you look closely in the streets of Europe, you will see many people carrying his famous blue and yellow books everywhere they go.
He is a syndicated columnist, he has his own TV production company, and he writes and produces the popular “Rick Steves’ Europe” television show in America. He also hosts a weekly public radio show that is broadcast nation-wide. His European Travel guides are a top-selling series, and they have grossed more than $20M. The Rick Steves’ France Guide is the bestselling international travel guide. In 2008 alone, more than 730,000 copies of his books were sold. He averages about 500,000 purchased copies each year and has a strong presence in the quickly growing e-book and mobile applications market. His products are sold at major book retailers worldwide, Amazon.com, iTunes, and Kindle.
Readers of the Rick Steves’ books are fans of his personality and style, just as much as the places that he visits. Rick Steves’ readers are fanatically loyal and they are dedicated to the authentic travel experiences that he encourages people to have.
The value of this recommendation is powerful and amplified by the reputation of the well known writer.
Le Chevrefeuille is a labor of love for Ian and I, and these last few years have brought us great personal and professional satisfaction. We have worked long days and nights, but we are proud of the company and reputation that we have created.



As our guests, we look forward to helping you see the Dordogne and for you to share in the magical experiences that we have been able to create for so many travelers before you.
The guests of Le Chevrefeuille have had the same great experiences and they have gone home to share their stories with their friends.
Rick Steves and his team have placed their trust in us and we extend a profound MERCI to all of you Americans who helped us alert their team to our guesthouse. We look forward to many years of creating memories for all of us.