Le Chevrefeuille is pleased and proud to be featured on “Travel Mamas”, a travel website for everyone travelling with children. 




Some quotes from the article.. 

If you are dreaming of a trip to the South of France (and who isn’t?!), I have the ideal bed and breakfast for families in Dordogne! Le Chèvrefeuille is the friendliest B&B I’ve ever encountered


Sara, one of the inn’s owners, heard our approach via the gravel drive and met us on the terrace. She greeted us with a jovial, “Hello! Please, sit down. What can I bring you to drink?” As our boys chased the hens and gaped at the huge courtyard fish pond, I knew immediately we had arrived at a place of French countryside perfection.


Set upon a hill overlooking a rolling green valley, this was just what we had been dreaming of.


There’s a special warmth and relaxed feeling that comes along with a family bed and breakfast like Le Chèvrefeuille. If you’re interested in visiting this inn, be sure to book early! Le Chèvrefeuille is a popular destination, with many families coming back here year after year.